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Carla René

GlitterCat Studios

“I am willing to fail more times than most people are willing to try.” -someone smarter than me

Annoying, but cute little habit I have about me. I'm an enigma, wrapped in a Twinkie.

I’m a real, live, polymath. Story Musgrave, astronaut, is my true hero. We're alike in a lot of ways, and my tenacity and sheer stupidity help me get up when I fall from ignorance, or when someone’s steel-toed work boot kicks me there and leaves me for dead.

No, I may not have all of this figured out yet, but one thing I do know how to do, and that’s KEEP GETTING UP.

I'm a student of the Heavens, both cosmically and spiritually. After being homeless for 2-1/2 years, I'm now back in University pursuing double doctorates in Astrophysics and Applied Maths, and receiving my private pilot's license.

Being a child prodigy in music and fine art, I have a degree in commercial music trumpet from the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville; I have a resumé as long as your arm in music, working professionally as a Christian Music Songwriter with some of today's hottest artists having recorded my songs. I was awarded a "Musical! The Musical" scholarship and studied with Second City in Chicago. This led to work in network sitcoms as well as videos and stage. I also began studying stand-up comedy with Mike Long, a "punch-up artist" from LA that worked on sitcoms such as The Golden Girls, M*A*S*H, and SOAP to name a few; I have since had the privilege of performing at The Kennedy Centre in DC and lived there for three years. DC, not the Kennedy Centre.

I suffer with Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus and Fibromyalgia and now have 3 pinched cervical nerves. I deal with intractable pain every day.

As a fine artist who now works exclusively in coloured pencil, I was just notified that one of my pieces was accepted into the All Kullberg CP Treasures, Volume 8! 800 submissions and only 112 of us chosen, and my recent submission is on the cover.

Instagram: @glittercatstudios

Facebook: @glittercatstudios

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