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NOVEMBER 8-9, 2024



EVENT: Art Round Tennessee's 23rd Annual ART Prowl

DATE & TIMES: Friday, November 8th, 3pm - 8pm & Saturday, November 9th, 10am - 6pm

LOCATION: Various businesses in Cookeville's Downtown & Historic WestSide

ARTIST BOOTH FEE: $125.00 + annual Art Round Tennessee membership fee ($25)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:59 pm (CST) on August 18th


RESIDENCY: Exhibiting artists must reside within 100 miles of Cookeville, TN

MEMBERSHIP: Exhibiting artists must be members of Art Round Tennessee or willing to become members at the time of acceptance into ART Prowl ($25 annual fee)

EXHIBITION LOCATION: If accepted, artists will be placed in a participating business in Cookeville's Downtown/WestSide, determined by Art Round Tennessee. Artists who have participated in ART Prowl in the past might be placed in a different location than in previous years.


  • All artwork submitted in the application and exhibited at ART Prowl must be original to the artist and made by the artist's own hand - not by employees or contractors. Artists may exhibit work on commercially printed items such as stickers or shirts, as long as the designs are original to the artists. 

  • ART Prowl is a fine art and craft show. Vendors selling items such as food products, soap, candles, non-art items, and/or non-handmade items may not be accepted. If you have questions about the eligibility of your artwork, please email

  • Buy/sell vendors and goods are strictly prohibited.

  • Artists must apply as individuals, not a group, unless they collaborate on a single body of work.


  • ART Prowl is a juried show. Applications will be submitted to a blind jury of artists and art appreciators who have been selected by Art Round Tennessee.

  • The images you submit will be the only thing the jurors will see, so make sure they are high quality and accurately reflect your body of work.

  • Acceptance into a previous ART Prowl does not guarantee your space in ART Prowl 2024.


  • Deadline to apply: 08/18/24

  • Notification of jury results: 09/06/24

  • Deadline to submit artist agreement, booth fee, & membership fee: 09/13/24

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