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Tammy Collins

Tammy Collins is an intuitive creative visionary who struggled for years to find her purpose. Like many artists, she knew she had talent and creativity but moved through many forms of it. Exploring, learning, and discovering various mediums and techniques. Her long list of applications includes- drawing, painting, pen and ink, crafts, designing- both interior and graphics, faux painting, installing murals, transforming furniture, finger painting, building, recycling, and much more over the years. Tammy is a multi-award-winning interior designer, artist, and Marketing Director. Earning awards in interior design, graphic design, website design, advertising campaigns, million-dollar sales, and social media work. Her unconventional path to success turned out to be the secret formula needed to unlock her superpower and ironically, the genius in her clients too. She has much bigger visions for a place that fosters creativity and the arts- all forms at her new home in Tennessee.

Instagram: @tlcdesigner

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