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Vix Newman

Vix's work is centered around finding parts of their own identity and learning how they fit into the world around them. They hold a multitude of identities including queer, transgender, disabled, and Latinx. These topics are commonly explored in Vix's art, as well as other facets of who they are.
Vix expresses how often their heart is on their sleeve through color and technique. They believe that their art reflects what they are trying to feel when they create it. They also vary their mediums used so that they can explore all options and see what feels best for the emotions they are trying to convey.
While they can struggle to verbally explain their artwork, Vix's work has a sense of connection and depth when viewed by a single person. Connection is always the main intent. It makes everyone feel a little less alone when they are able to connect with others through art.

Instagram: @vixgnart

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