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Robert Fisher

Drastic Impressions

Tennessee Artist. My name is Robert Fisher. I'm from the small South Eastern town of Carthage,Tennessee. I am an avid abstract/impression artist that has learned most of the tricks of the trade through trial and error, but originally it all started with a passion for the uniquely original and divinely beautiful things that I was surrounded by. So, in my early twenties I started to attend music and art festivals and I immediately found a new found love for all different types of art that was associated with the new progressive hippie-counterculture of art and music. During my twenties and early thirties I was continually exposed to different artists whether it be musical, dance, or visual and I soon became good friends with many different types of artists. Where it all started On a Sunday morning in April of 2018, I saw a Facebook post from one of my artist friends and soon to be art mentor, John Madrigal, asking if anyone wanted to come over and learn how to do a type of art he called, Acrylic Paint Pour. I was always so interested in art but I never thought I was ever any good, but John promised that “anyone could do this type of art." So I commented and said “yes I wanna learn." So that afternoon, I went over to John’s house, in Cookeville, Tennessee, and on a tarp in his backyard, he demonstrated the three most basic techniques of Acrylic Paint Pour, the dirty flip cup, the swipe, and the ring pour. After I received my next check from work I went and invested in an extended inventory of paint, a gallon of Floetrol bonding medium, canvases and art supplies. I then started to do this art everyday after work and it quickly developed into a very passionate obsession. I was always excited to see what and how the next one would turn out. After 6 months, I was creating at least one piece a day, sometimes two or three. So, through trial and error, I quickly learned the dos and don'ts of Acrylic Paint Pour. As I started to master the basic techniques I began to gain attention and adoration from all my artist friends and was invited to showcase and sell my Art at the Spring Equinox Music and Arts Festival at The Long Hungry Creek Organic Farm in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. After selling out of most of my larger pieces I immediately knew I had some kind of following. CREATING ART WEEKLY Since then I have continued to perfect my craft, and by posting my pours on social media have sold them all across America bringing my passion and love for extreme abstract art to homes across the nation. Continuing to create on a week to week basis I have been able to invent new techniques and establish my own original style. I also have been inspired by the demonstrations and teachings of the Famous TV personality Bob Ross, in adding his “ Happy Trees “ as a brush over idea and later created a Batman Themed Pour with a Gotham City brushover. As I have continually created more and more, I constantly pursue excellence in creating the most extreme and drastic looking graphics and techniques created in the art form today. I shoot for the extremes in contrast when it comes to the affect my pours have on my initial reaction or when I first see them form during the creation process. I picked the name Drastic Impressions for my Studio because drastic is an adjective that means extreme or radical. And that’s exactly the effect my art has on the naked eye when it is seen in all its glory.

Instagram: @drastic_impressions

Facebook: @fishbonesphatdreams

Phone: 931-341-0170

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