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NormaJean Anderson

With a background in Psychology and years of experience counseling with people I have learned much about the human spirt. My desire is to bring untold stories of life to canvas, to share not only the joy and beauty of living but also the pain and struggles. I have always desired to paint. I began my training in college by taking a couple of drawing classes and an abstract painting class. I realized I was not going to learn what I desired. I chose a different career path. After retirement I was ready to paint as a second career. Since I was not close to an Academy or Atelier I took private lessons for five years . I have since taken many workshops and video training courses. I am a Classical Realist painter adding some abstraction to my backgrounds. I work in Oil and Pastel. My primary old master influences were Rembrandt and Vermeer. My desire is to always advance my training and paint different series of paintings to share the untold stories of those that have touched my heart over the years. I also paint commissioned paintings, primarily portraits. Occasionally, I will take a break from portraits and paint horses, boats, and other things I love. But, portraiture is my calling, my passion. I must tell the stories.

Instagram: @normajeananderson

Facebook: @normajeanandersonfinearts

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