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Merritt Ireland

Petrillio Clay

Merritt Ireland has been a mixed media artist for over 60 years, clay usually her first choice expanded to other mediums such as papermaking, book arts, fabric design, monoprints, photography and painting. She taught the arts to all ages from children and college students to adults and the developmentally disabled. She has held teaching roles from Artist-in-Residence in public school to teaching college. This Fall for Art Prowl Merritt is doing a new series of work entitled ,“Paths not Taken”. This is a whole new mixed medium series more focused on climate change. Because Merritt is exhibiting at her studio and house you will find old and new versions of her Upstream series, paintings, mixed media and collage on canvas. Also work from her Pollinator series as well as a few photographs. Yes and lots of clay items from the past.

Instagram: @merrittireland9

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