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LoisAnn Shannon

Recently having moved from Chattanooga, I specialize in stage performance photography and digital art. I fell in love with photography when I first visited Thailand in 2012 without a camera, refusing to be the quintessential tourist. However, the beauty of the land and people soon drew me in, making me regret my choice. I borrowed a spare camera from my daughter who was with me, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As a dancer and musician, I take pride in shooting performances in such a manner so as NOT to disturb performers! I have used mirrorless cameras since 2012. As much as I enjoy shooting and editing images, I probably enjoy teaching even more. I offer classes in beginning and intermediate photography and Photoshop. AND when I'm not performance shooting, I use the camera we are ALL most likely to have with us—our phones! So I also teach iPhone photography and digital artistry so that one can shoot, edit and upload onsite—anywhere one might be.

Instagram: @loisann.shannon

Facebook: @loisannshannonphotography

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