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Kim Kuykendall

I have always felt that it was important for people to follow their dreams. I hope parents realize that encouraging children to do what makes them happy means their work will not make them miserable but give them self-fulfillment and joy. This is why I paint, it is what makes me, me.

Things are much easier when you’re a kid. Before the world has taught you any differently, you can declare yourself an artist with just a love of color, a stack of paper, and the giant set of crayons are all you need to fuel your creativity and declare yourself an artist.

I’ve had periods as an adult, where life got in the way and art wasn’t a priority. As a result, I ended up taking several years off from creating altogether. I’ve worked my way back into a regular painting habit and found clarity about the type of work that I want to create. I have a renewed love of making and teaching art and a heart full of gratitude for the creative process.

Instagram: @kimkuykendallart

Facebook: @kimkuykendallart

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