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Jennifer Stika


Jennifer Stika is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in photography, graphic design, and clay. Her work in each medium centers around representing the natural world with the intent of prompting the viewer to share in her passion to preserve and protect all that is still wild and untouched by mankind. Her early influences came mainly from her mother and grandfather, who were both self-trained artists. Even though they didn’t make their living as artists, their art was for the benefit of their family through both functional and non-functional pieces. It was a clear demonstration to her that one could create something that was both beautiful and functional. After years of working in office settings, Jennifer decided to return to college and receive formal training in art. She has studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Dickinson State University. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Jennifer currently lives in Cookeville, TN and received her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design and Ceramics in December 2022 from Tennessee Tech University. She was the first in the school’s history to graduate with a dual concentration in those two fields. Her work has been selected for exhibitions at all three universities and has garnered awards for her photography, two-dimensional design, paintings, and three-dimensional sculptures.

Instagram: @jenaissanceart

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