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Hannah La Rue

Ithil Carvings

Hannah La Rue has harbored a lifelong aspiration of creating art independently. Her artistic foundation harks back to the tranquil days of her youth, spent amidst Alabama's pine woods, where the concept of art took shape like a reflection on calm waters. Channeling her passion, she pursued formal education at the Appalachian Center for Craft, earning a Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a Glass concentration. In the collegiate environment, she discovered diverse avenues for artistic expression, transforming art into a boundless form of self-discovery. Her artistic voice emerged through intricate carvings, employing diamond-encrusted wheels and bits to meticulously remove layers of glass. This engraving process, akin to crafting a thumbprint of her skill, provided her art with the distinctive voice it sought. Glass, as a medium, continues to be a captivating teacher and motivator in Hannah’s artistic journey. In the autumn of 2021, she realized her entrepreneurial vision with the establishment of Ithil Carvings, a glass jewelry business. Here, she perpetually expresses her love for engraving glass by creating individual carvings on fused glass transformed into unique pieces of wearable art. Through Ithil Carvings, Hannah endeavors to produce special and empowering glass jewelry, each piece celebrating the wearer's true beauty.

Instagram: @Ithil_carvings @hanlarue

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