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Erica Swenson

Erica has been painting murals in the Cookeville area for the past eight years. Some of her works in Cookeville include the mural that was across from Father Tom’s Pub on Cedar Ave, the WCTE 40th Anniversary Mural located on the Biz Foundry, the Burgess Falls painting on the Heart of the City Playground in Dogwood Park, and the metal tree stand that is placed around the City Christmas Tree during the Holiday Season in Dogwood Park. Erica is originally from Jamestown, NY and holds a BFA in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She moved to Nashville in 2007 for an internship with Murals and More based out of Franklin, TN. After the internship she stayed in Nashville and painted many murals of her own. In 2013 she relocated to Cookeville and painted murals with Bill Herren till 2017. In 2016 she was honored to be a muralist at the 10th Global Mural Conference in Fairport, NY. During that time she completed two murals for the Erie Canal Mural Trail. Currently she is focusing on smaller paintings to accommodate creating more detailed art.

Instagram: @ericaswensonart

Facebook: @EricaSwensonMurals

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