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Zebulon Turrentine

Turrentine Guitars

Zebulon Turrentine is the son of a timber framer and visual artist, born in the first log cabin his father built and was raised as the 4th generation on that family farm. When he was a child, opportunities for exploring craft and woodworking were abundant and used to their fullest potential. His grandmother, a Julliard trained pianist, exposed him to classical music at a young age, and he later came to study classical guitar performance at Shenandoah Conservatory. During and after conservatory studies, he built guitars for Gallagher Guitar Company in Wartrace, TN. He later worked in the Peace Corps and ran a non-profit organization. These experiences coalesced into the creation of his own workshop where he works full-time handcrafting classical guitars near Alpine, TN. Owners of these guitars include performers and collectors around the world.

Contact: (931) 201-9041

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