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Charles Stevens

Creators at Heart

Familiarity is a comfort factor for many people when approaching contemporary art. The connection of a recognizable object gives the viewer an impression of order to something that is readily identifiable, and in a sense, gives a form of control and safety. This sensation of order often protects us from other sensibilities. My sculptural objects are abstract, with attributes suggesting familiarity from the world around us, and what humans have made. My form vocabulary is organic and flowing, alluding to something that has grown with crisp edges suggesting machines have been involved as part of its generative process. What excites me to create is seeing what comes out next. In wondering where my ideas come from, my former sculpture professor has described them as “artifacts from the future”. Creating without a preconceived notion, I let the piece dictate the direction it takes guided by my perception of what feels correct. All art is a “self-portrait", representing the way the artist sees the world. I have been working in the field of Jewelry and Polymer Clay for a short time, so my capabilities are still in the development stages, however my excitement for the medium is vast. The techniques I’m learning are intricate, with numerous steps involved for the final outcome. My formal education is in sculpture from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (’77-’81), so my approach to jewelry is bound to my form vocabulary. As a result, the work I produce gravitates towards three dimensions, is inspired by natural structures and what man has made. I am currently exploring and embracing the new tools available to today’s artists, 3D printing and the use of modeling software. I believe these tools to be valid in the creation and production process. Stay tuned :-)

Instagram: @charlesstevens59

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